Standoff Game Play Online For Free

There is something highly attractive in shooters. Maybe because they allow us to let out our destructive energy and get a charge of adrenaline we need so much in our daily routine. And playing Standoff is a great way to do that! This multiplayer shooter has become widely popular because of its dynamic, fast-paced gameplay, tactically designed maps, realistic shooting and a wide range of weapons to choose from. So what is it like and what features are there that might interest you? Let’s find out!

Fight to the death, plant bombs and join the arms race!

In its core, Standoff is much like Counter Strike, but ‘shorter’ and therefore more thrilling. You can choose one of five modes to start with. The most popular one is the classic team fight where you have to score as many points for kills as possible during the allotted time. Fans of CS will also be familiar with the bomb mode that splits the participants into squads of terrorists and special forces. The former need to install a bomb at one of the two strategic points or shoot down the opposing team. The latter, on the other hand, have to prevent it or destroy the terrorists.

Quite similar to it is the competitive mode where the teams will switch roles after half of the rounds. The peculiarity of competitive games is that after each match you get a rating. The higher it is the higher rank you get. Each upgrade comes with a reward. Thus, you have to prove your skill with the beginning of each new operation, which gives an additional incentive to play.

Do you love thrill and challenge? Then you should definitely try arms race. The task of the players is to make kills with 16 types of weapons, ranging from machine guns to knives. The player who does it first wins. The last, relatively new mode is the duel of snipers. Players receive an M40 rifle with a knife and are split into 2 teams. In the allotted time, you need to kill as many opponents as possible. The mode is interesting in the presence of negative gravity: you can jump high, thereby increasing the view of the map and getting the opportunity to climb high points.

Shoot from a variety of weapons and come up with cunning tactics!

What about the weapons? There are tons of them, and all come with different ballistics and other parameters! All weapons in Standoff are divided into six classes: pistols, heavy weapons, submachine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles and grenades. Pistols and grenades are additional weapons that can be carried with a rifle, submachine gun or other main barrel. Heavy weapons include shotguns and a variety of heavy machine guns. These firearms have a high destructive power, but their accuracy is low.

Experienced players recommend that beginners use assault rifles, sniper rifles, and submachine guns. The former are suitable for medium range battles. The latter allow you to hit targets from a long distance. Other types are effective in buildings and in narrow streets. Start playing Standoff online right now and come up with your own, unique playing style and do everything in your power for your team to win!

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